Craps practice

Exploring craps practice table and its layout

Craps practice table is a great start to big wins

Originated in America, the craps table gambling pretty soon crossed the ocean and gained popularity first in Europe and later in the world. Until now, interest to this game has not died out. Each player needs to study the craps practice table, the layout and the types of bets to learn the rules of the game and receive winnings.

What is a craps practice table?

The playing field of the practice table craps is covered with green cloth and marked with sectors of bets. The betting field on the gaming table is divided into three parts: two symmetric base fields at the edges, and between them in the center one more:

  1. Central field – a field for bets on one throw of a shooter. Often in the markup of this field there is dice in the form of points (indices), and not just numbers. Bets on this field are accepted and set only by the stickman.
  2. Base fields – fields for betting on the line. According to the rules of the casino, players can independently place bets on this field.

The dice control is a skill that can take many hours of theoretical preparation and practice to master. But in combination with a well-chosen strategy, in a long segment of the game, a controlled throw can give the player a significant advantage.

The dice control is that you must gently roll the dice with enough force to reach the end of the table, but not hit very hard on the side. You should as if follow their flight. In this case, you need to train until you develop the same throw for yourself. You must learn to avoid the loss of seven points as often as possible, which is possible only with the set throw.

List of the best gambling sites to practice craps

Among the best sites where you can practice playing casino craps are:

  • The official website of “Betway Casino” is a great place to craps practice table online for free with high odds for winning. The game platform supports 15 languages, has an attractive and intuitive interface, all this together and attracts gambling people from all five continents;
  • “Royal Vegas Casino” – a virtual casino in which playing craps will bring maximum pleasure. It provides a large number of bonuses, thanks to which you can play in a demo mode, and also supports many payment systems;
  • SkyCrown online casino – casino has 3500+ slot games operator and include craps game, but we’ll also see how bonus code comes into play with these games.
  • On the official site of “Leo Vegas Casino” you can realize all your desires and try all the strategies in craps. The design of the site is modern and creates the feeling of a real casino. It is distinguished by large payouts.

Craps is a gambling entertainment, which is characterized by simple but specific rules and allows you to make a profit when betting on money. Players with no experience should practice table online by making basic pass line and don’t pass line bets, and then you can switch to other types.

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